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  • Best Wifi Door Lock D03
Best Wifi Door Lock D03

Front Handle Size:150*36*65MM
Back Handle Size:150*36*65MM
7250 Lock Body
Applicable Door Thickness: 40-80MM
4 x Alkaline Battery
Capacitive Touch Key
Semiconductor Fingerprint Module
Fingerprint Capacity:100pcs
Password Capacity:100 groups
User Capacity:100pcs
Lower Power Alarm: less than or equal to 4.8V
Static Power:less than or equal to 70MA
Dynamic Power:less than or equal to 70MA
Working Temp.:-25-70 degree Celsius
Woring Humidity: 10%-90%
Frequency of induction card:13.56M
Fingerprint Rejection Rate:0.01
Fingerprint Recogination Rate: less than 0.0001
Sound Tone: Intelligent Voice Navigation--Switching between English and Chinese
Unlock Record: 256pcs

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4 layer Vacuum Painted Discoloration Anti-Corrosion Surface Finish

Biological Fingerprint Encrypted Chip
AI Deep Self-learning Living body.
8 digits Encryped Touch Anti-peeping Password Input. 
2 Years Long Standby 
SOS One key Calling for Help

Reminder when you forgot to pull out the key. 

Delete the IDs once the key is lost. 

SOS Weak Current Alert

Military encryption chip, Effective identification of true and false fingerprints

To eliminate the possibility of a key being copied 

Withstand 800N Pressure, High Strength Shell. Integrated Die Casting of Aviation Grade Zinc Alloy. 

Just replace the cylinder instead of the whole lock.
No need drill new holes on your door.
Replacement job only takes you 10 minutes. 

Best Wifi Door Lock

China BQB, U.S FCC, Europe CE Approved. 

5.0 Low Power Consumption Bluetooth Chip which supports full link intelligent security cloud platform in 258 languages 

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