Fingerprint drawer lock cabinet lock How come I've never heard of it before?

This is our company's latest design patent of the new product, the product can bring customers more convenient and safe intelligent life scene.

The cabinet used to have a lock. Is it convenient to replace the smart lock?

Most of them can be installed directly, but some of them need to be re-opened if they are not suitable (e.g. the original aperture does not match the smart lock).

How long will the battery last? What if it runs out?

The normal standby time of the battery is 7 months. When the battery is less than 20%, there will be a warning of low battery, and the alarm will be unlocked, which requires timely charging. The product also has an emergency USB charging port.

What if my registered finger is injured?Can the finger be opened below the circumstance of wet?

If it is slightly injured, The CLOUDEW Intelligent lock has an automatic repair function in the identification, but it is recommended that individuals record 2-3 fingerprints as spare, which can be opened normally in the case of wet fingers.

How long is your product warranty?

We guarantee the replacement of drawer locks and cabinet locks for half a year and guarantee them for two years.
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