Selection of An Appropriate Security Door Lock Cylinder
Release Date:2021-05-10 12:33:00
Selection of An Appropriate Security Door Lock Cylinder

Selection of An Appropriate Security Door Lock Cylinder

1. When purchasing a door lock, firstly observe the key teeth, the more teeth, the deeper and more complex teeth it has, the higher  difficulty to unlock due to its good anti-theft function. for instance, those simple single-sided single row pin Grade A cylinder, which
could be unlocked in 1 mins with a low safety factor.

2. Weigh and compare the lock weight, the heavier the security door lock is, the higher quality it is. the more pins inside cylinder lock, the better theftproof feature it has. for example, Super Grade B Cylinder, superior quality material, complicated process to assure a high factor of safety. 

3. Look into external color and workmanship. the quality cylinder adopts electroplating surface treatment, smooth finish, bright colors, therein the deep yellow material is brass cylinder, firm and higher theftproof fuction. on the contrary, the dark greyish white cylinder with air bubbles is in Zinc Alloy (common theftproof feature). 

4. Testing the effect of inserting the key into cylinder. Once the key were half inserted into lock cylinder, forcibly rotating the key in clockwise or anti-closewise direction, while pressing the key into cylinder key slot. if the key were stuck, then prooved a poor anti-theft function. otherwise, which has a very good anti-theft feature if the key could be smoothly inserted into cylinder slot at its half-rotating state.

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