The 3 Purchase Elements of Choosing Smart locks Correctly Without Losing Money
Release Date:2020-12-20 12:58:13
The 3 Purchase Elements of Choosing Smart locks Correctly Without Losing Money

In today's technological era, the development of smart lock mortise changes with each passing day, especially the changes in technology, which are even more amazing. However, while smart locks are popularized, most people's understanding of it is still on the surface, so that they don't know where to start when choosing. Therefore, to avoid losing money when buying, you need to understand some basic purchase elements.

Purchase element 1: safety performance As far as locks are concerned, safety always takes the first place. After all, people choose locks to protect their family property. Therefore, the security of the Smart mortise lock itself is very important. When selecting, you should choose a smart lock with a certain active anti-theft function to truly achieve outstanding security effects. The smart door lock has a real-time monitoring function. The door lock is no longer a simple lock, but an intelligent security guard for the family. Not only can the security of the portal be guaranteed, but there will also be the function of handling abnormal alarms in a timely manner. When the lock has low battery, door prying, arming, etc., the smart door lock will sound a warning, and the mobile phone APP will also push remote reminders to ensure the effect from many aspects.

Purchase element 2: recognition technology After meeting the safety requirements, the convenience of the smart door lock itself also has relatively high requirements. Generally speaking, smart locks rely on the physical characteristics of the human body to perform identity verification, which can be divided into fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, and vein recognition. The current fingerprint unlocking technology is relatively mature and is a relatively widely used method. Fingerprint identification technology mainly analyzes the measurable characteristic points of fingerprints, extracts characteristic values from them, and then authenticates. Verify its true identity. Relying on this uniqueness and stability, fingerprint recognition technology is the mainstay of biometrics, and it is currently the most widely used biotechnology due to its low cost. mail to [email protected]

Purchase element 3: material type
For smart locks, the material aspect is also very important. Which material is used not only affects the price, but is also very important to the safety of the door lock. Generally speaking, a smart lock is composed of a lock body and an outer panel, and different materials are used for different positions, and the lock body is mostly composed of copper + stainless steel, and the material is relatively fixed.

    As for the panel material, the mainstream materials currently on the market are stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper. Generally speaking, zinc alloy is currently the most widely used material type for smart electronic door locks residentialIt has the characteristics of easy processing and forming, and the hardness and strength are also consistent. The public has requirements for locks, so try to choose smart locks with zinc alloy panels. 

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