How to Choose a Safety Door Lock?
Release Date:2020-12-17 10:58:23
How to Choose a Safety Door Lock?

First of all, when choosing a safety door lock, you must consider its safety performance. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose some products with excellent brand quality, and at the same time, there are manufacturers with better after-sales services. rest assured.

    And when you choose a door lock, you must pay attention to the direction of your door. For example, if your door opens to the left, then you have to choose a left safety door lock. If you open it to the right, you have to choose The safety door lock on the right, if you choose the wrong one and cannot be installed, you must replace it.

The shape of the doorlock must be selected. First, you must choose according to your own style, so that it will match the overall style, and the overall effect will look more beautiful.

    When we buy anti-theft door locks, we must pay special attention to its hinges. We must choose the kind of hinges with sufficient strength. So that it can be used for a long time without sagging

You must choose the right bolt according to the size of your door. Generally speaking, the bolts of anti-theft door locks sold on the market are roughly divided into 60mm and 70mm. If your door is wider, you can choose 70mm. For narrower, you can consider choosing 60mm. for furter details, email to [email protected]

    Be sure to choose cost-effective electronic door locks residential products. Remember that not necessarily expensive anti-theft door locks are of good quality. When choosing, you must consider comprehensively so that you can choose cost-effective products.
This is the end of the editor about purchasing safety door locks. When choosing a safety door lock, you still need to master some skills. If you don’t choose to come back, it will not only fail to install, but it may also affect the overall appearance.

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